Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow it is

From the sky, snow is still falling. One the ground, it is melting.

For now, the falling is faster than the melting, and it's a winter wonderland out there. Especially impressive is the white tracery in the woods at the end of my lot.

This early Valentine from the elements is welcome, even if I won't blow up my snow tube and take it to the nearest hillside. (I would if the snow would linger longer)

Instead, I'll focus on life's many chores: laundry, the kitchen (every room, really) changing the car battery which is no doubt dead again -- fourth day in a row.

But large clumps of snow are dropping straight down, and the pale gray of the sky is nearly the same as the soft white of the snow. I'll tackle my chores with a little more enthusiasm because of it.

The last time I went sledding was Flagstaff, January 2001, a mid-40s woman with her 20-and-30-something friends, all of us cavorting with the college kids at the NAU campus. The best sled run was steep with three serious "jumps" built on it. Many people avoided it. We did not. On my turn, I forgot about the last jump in the series until I was unexpectedly airborne again and struggling to stay upright on the tube. I came down extra hard and was relegated to the sidelines for a while. Eventually, we all were -- until, moaning and groaning, we loaded ourselves into Jeeps and hauled ourselves to a nice warm bar for medication. We were prone to overmedication.

Next week, I turn 48, and today I ask myself if I will ever find myself on a sled looking down a steep slope again.

The answer comes from my heart and is a little easier than I expected: Hell yes, you will, if there's ever again enough snow on the ground.


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